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service-detail-1Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing. In 2017 Pay-Per-Click is one of the most used tools in your marketing arsenal. Pay-Per-Click is when you list a paid advertisement at the top of a search engine to get pre-qualified traffic to your website. Pay-Per-Click or PPC is known for it's higher conversion rate and ROI compared to traditional advertising methods because of what is called inbound marketing versus outbound marketing. Outbound Marketing is things such as radio, television, and newspaper advertisements. They are called outbound because while you could be a little selective in the demographics you will be hitting, it is more of a shotgun blast methodology of hitting a high number of people and hope they might need your services. Inbound Marketing is advertising in a manner to which your potential client is pro-actively seeking your product or service, which yields higher returns. Imagine hitting your a target audience that is looking for you right now compared to someone watching their favorite television show and sees your ad. While traditional methods work in brand awareness and other aspects, Pay-Per-Click is quickly becoming the #1 form of advertisements for businesses as society becomes more dependent on Google and other search engines. Google Adwords is King. When it comes to Search Engines, no one quite competes with Google. With 4 out of 5 searches now being completed on Google, it is crucial that if you are doing a Pay-Per-Click campaign you have a company that knows Adwords. At Knoxville SEO Company we are proud to be certified Adwords Specialists!

Professional Pay-Per-Click  ( PPC ) From Marketers with Decades of Experiences!

When it comes to marketing, Knoxville SEO Company and Southern Digital Agency is one of the most experienced team of marketers with over 30 years of experience. During our many years, we have developed a robust and result oriented PPC methods and campaigns, which currently servers over 300,000 impressions per month!

Research and Analytics: Pay-Per-Click / PPC starts like all avenues with digital marketing, Researching and analyzing. Figuring out the right keywords at the right price is half the battle when it comes to PPC. Not only do we complete research on what keywords and segments to hit but we also create quality ads that are tailored to your target audience.
Campaign Implementation: We work with our clients to figure out their marketing budget, and make recommendation and suggestions on how to get the most return out of that budget. Once we have decided on our budget, we being advertising.
Reporting: As with all marketing, it's all about the data. When we have data to research we can determine where, when, and how to spend our money more wisely based on patterns and customer behavior.
Adjust to Increase Conversion and ROI: We take our research and reporting and tweak your campaign to achieve the highest possible yield on your PPC campaign, while introducing negative keywords, re-targeting, social media pixels, and A/B testing. This step is what truly sets us apart from our competition. We ensure we are not wasting money on keywords that are not performing, adjusting bid amounts for keywords that are converting, re-targeting potential customers via display networks and social media, along with running A/B Testing to ensure your ad is the best possible ad to reach your customers. In conjunction with our Pay-Per-Click we also offer Social Media services. Our Social Media services include; Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management. Click here to read about our Social Media Services